Our service engineers have vast experience in the building service industry,
having worked on a wide range of systems and in all types of customer premises.  Meaning they understand the
equipment being worked on inside and out and ensuring thorough servicing.

In most modern premises, building service systems are taken for granted and it’s only when
one or more fail that people realise how indispensable they are. Breakdowns often result
in business disruption, especially if the systems are an integral part of everyday working life.


FM Group are able to offer a broad range of reactive services, covering a quicker response time for
urgent repairs and 24 hours for less urgent issues.

Our business model enables our clients to minimise expensive call-out costs yet have the confidence
that all repairs will be attended to within agreed timescales.


Through planned preventative maintenance, we know when servicing

is needed to keep equipment running at optimum performance levels. Our smart scheduling ensures we
have the correct people, with the appropriate equipment, in the right place at the right time.