We are a professional cleaning company providing daily cleaning services for all types of
commercial buildings, including offices, factories, shops, hotels, surgeries and schools.

The quality of our service is key for us, we understand that quality can only be delivered
by our people which is why we remain invested in our team.

We can visit you and put together a full quotation document including references, testimonials,
cleaning specification, insurance details, risk assessments and a breakdown of cost.



Is it best for you to have an early morning or evening cleaning schedule? Our vetted office
cleaning teams will work to your agreed schedule, carrying out both daily and periodic tasks as required.
We will discuss consumable re-stocking and those tell-tale cleaning points like dust on the top of
doors, skirting boards and the inside of the microwave!



The DOFF steam cleaning system cleans stonework, masonry and especially effective on K-Rend
using high temperature steam achieving temperatures up to 150°C at the nozzle end.

Due to the high temperature of the system we are able to use less water pressure. It is therefore
very gentle and non-abrasive to the surface that is being cleaned, especially when compared to
cleaning methods such as pressure washing.

This also greatly reduces the volume of water needed, making the system both environmentally friendly and
meaning that the surface is not saturated and will be completely dry within minutes.

The DOFF cleaning system will also not cause any moisture to enter any cracks or gaps and leave internal
damp that may cause structural damage.

We can also operate the DOFF steam cleaning system in conjunction with our cherry pickers.
This provides us high level access, enabling us to clean large commercial structures such as hotels
and office blocks and provide a whole new lease of life to the exterior of the building.

Our specialist operators are able to control and vary the not only the temperature of the steam,
but also the pressure of the system. This enables us to tackle a whole host of surfaces
such as paintwork, right through to more natural substances such as extremely stubborn biological matter.